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General Information – How to Eliminate Skin Parasites

Finding morgellons fibers on or under the skin, and persistent lesions on the skin, like sores and rashes, can be indicative of a skin condition known as scabies or even Morgellons, which is also known as Morgellons disease or Morgellons Syndrome.

There are many remedies that have been published in writing, as well as word of mouth, some of which provide skin parasites relief and some which do not work at all; however all are looking for one thing in common. That is to find morgellons disease cures. Although it has been reported that treating for bacterial and fungal will provide relief from the scratching and itching, it is highly likely that one can experience a recurrence of this uncomfortable under skin parasitic condition. A morgellons cure to date is not yet found; however there are several under skin parasite remedies to relieve the symptoms of morgellons disease or symptoms from Skin Parasites and to destroy Morgellons itch.

When dealing with the condition mentioned above known as Morgellons Disease, one as to approach the condition from a different angle and general consensus assumes that it is not a new disorder, but is rather a misleading new name for existing unknown illnesses. Delusional parasitosis has been linked to this condition, and although there is no known morgellons disease cure for it, there are tried and tested effective morgellons treatments of the discomfort experienced by sufferers.

There are many morgellons home remedies listed on the internet for human skin parasite lacerations that should be avoided, such as treating morgellons with oregano or coconut oil. Oregano or coconut oil will simply clog your pours and create more problems for your skin.

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Delusions of Parasitosis

It is not uncommon when doctors can not diagnose a patent with morgellons disease they most often diagnose the patient with delusions of parasites. When dealing with delusional parasitosis and morgellons it is recommended that any organic known or unknown causes are removed from the equation, supporting the delusional aspect of this form of treatment.

Generally the patient will be prescribed an anti-psychotic drug, examples of which include pimozide, olanzapine and risperidone; which are routinely prescribed for schizophrenia – patients often reject physician diagnosis and morgellons treatment in this manner and claim that nobody is taking them seriously; this may well be valid, however due to the lack of information and sound scientific material as previously discussed the physicians need to look at all options available as well as prescription treatment.

Morgellons Disease Symptoms & Diagnosis

Although not viewed as an official disorder, it is recognized by the medical community. There have been numerous conflicting reports in and around Morgellons Disease, and the most generally accepted will be noted here.

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Morgellons disease has been investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has been described as a condition of unknown cause, but debilitating enough to become an issue of public health concern. There is not a reported cure for morgellons disease.

After initial research by scientist, certain findings were made upon apparent Morgellons sufferers. The presence of ribbon morgellons fibers, capsule like particles, worm like particles and star fish shaped particles – these particles tended to shine under ultraviolet examination. Subjects that were examined seem to have one or two contact scenarios in common, which were soil and algae containing water contact.

Symptoms based on general consensus include:

  • sensations of insect-like crawling and biting under the skin; skin parasites itch
  • fiber-like filaments, which appear near or under the skin surface, as well as within lesion areas that subsequently develop
  • extreme and unexplained fatigue
  • cognitive affects have been noted, which have led the medical fraternity in describing the delusional aspect of this condition
  • memory loss
  • unclear, irrational type thinking
  • loss of clear or specific word usage when communicating
  • depression
  • loss of creativity or personality changes, as in mood swings
  • hot headedness or losing one’s temper
  • clumsiness
  • headaches
  • bumps and lesions on the head
  • changing texture of one’s hair as well as hair loss
  • stiffness and dryness of the hair
  • weakened eyesightnight blindcontinued draining of the sinus, affecting the entire ear, nose and throat area
  • appetite and weight loss
  • general body and joint pains in various areas of the body

Skin Fibers” are reported in, around and on skin lesions. They are generally white, blue, green, red, and black fibers, that fluoresce when viewed under ultraviolet light. Objects described as “granules”, that are similar in size and the shape of sand grains can sometimes be removed from the skin by patients. Patients also report seeing black “specks” or “dots” on or in their skin, as well as unusual 1-3 mm “fuzz balls” when the fibers or granules are present.

Other ways these are described might be: hair worms skin parasites, cloth-like fibers in skin, skin parasite hair follicle, skin parasite hair follicle cluster.

Morgellons Disease has been reported on an international level and is not area specific, it is an area of concern where many scientists are reserving judgment on the condition, until a valid research and finding or findings have been comprehensively published and disseminated. The fact of the matter remains that should one suspect that one has Morgellons disease the best morgellons treatment for that condition is to gather as much knowledge about the conditions as one can.

One should approach the condition with an open mind and perhaps seek morgellons treatment for other associated conditions that may help alleviate any discomfort, the lesions or associated side effects of the condition. Keep yourself informed as to the latest developments and findings with this condition, scientists are continually investigating and testing to establish valid scientific evidence that will or will not support this condition. In the event that one feels affected by this condition, and one does not receive the understanding and care from your physician, it is likely that your second opinion or an alternative medical relationship will be the same.

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Unidentified Skin Parasite & Morgellons Treatment

The All Stop™ line of products are a proven morgellons treatment effective against the symptoms of under skin parasites. As mentioned above, eliminating fungal and bacterial properties on your skin and in your environment has proven to be highly effective to restore your quality of life. All Stop™ provides a solution for your skin and your environment. All Stop™ products contain no toxic substances like Pyrethrums or other neurotoxins.

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As for morgellons treatment of the condition as an infectious disease, it has been recorded that anti fungal and anti parasitic medication provide the greatest relief. In this process it has been reported that Morgellons sufferers have found some relief by treating their condition as a form of Lyme’s disease, with the regular application of an intensive antibiotic medication program, unfortunately upon cessation of medication the symptoms have been reported to return. The problem with long term antibiotic use is that it too has undesirable side effects.

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Association between Lyme’s Disease and Morgellons Disease – (morgellons and lymes)

Studies have shown that there may be an association between morgellons and lymes. Lyme’s Disease, also known as borreliosis is primarily caused by bacteria, namely – Borrelia afzelii, Borrelia garinii and Borrelia burgdorferi. It is caused by being bitten by infected ticks, and has also been referred to as tick bite fever, because of the manifestation of fevers in the primary stages of the condition.

Essentially there are three phases within the symptoms of Lyme’s disease, which include localized infection:

  1. Seen as an expanding circular rash, which occurs at the site of the bite. The disease can progress to the next stage without the development of the rash.
  2. The second stage is known as disseminated infection, this is caused by the spreading of the bacteria via the bloodstream and some of the known symptoms are muscle, joint and tendon pains as well as dizziness and consistent headaches. There is a possibility of neurological problems developing at this point if left untreated.
  3. The late persistent infection is the third stage and is a result of being untreated or incorrectly treated, this can have severe effects, and the disease affects the organs of the body including the heart, brain, joints and eyes. Therefore one should have the condition treated as soon as possible to avoid progression and permanent damage to one’s internal organs and related problematic symptoms.

The diagnosis of Lyme’s disease is based upon the clinical and blood tests, according to the known symptoms. Doctors will normally address the area of concern pertaining to exposure to infected ticks; and morgellons treatment is primarily based upon antibiotic prescription and administration. Prescription of the following antibiotics are most common; cefuroxime, cefotaxime, doxycycline and ceftriaxone.

Lyme’s disease can progress to an advanced or chronic level, which display symptoms of fatigue, cognitive difficulties and sleep disturbances. There are disputing thoughts between doctors as to the cause of the symptoms, but consensus suggest prolonged exposure to the Lyme’s disease, a suggestion as to resistance to antibiotics which in turn is attributed to continuance of the disease. In this instance one needs to consider alternative morgellons treatment, other than antibiotics; of which several techniques and medications have been suggested and are primarily still within the developmental phase and require consensual administration of these prescribed drugs.

Lyme’s disease can be prevented by taking proactive measures, if one is located within an area that may be considered a ‘tick infested’ region; these measures include: effective usage of insect repellent spray on exposed skin and clothing, wearing long sleeves and pants – preferably in a lighter color to spot any ticks, as well as wearing high rubber boots. A physical check of the entire body will enable one to detect any ticks that may have gotten through the clothing or the insect repellent. Should one have kids in the affected areas, it is wise for an adult to educate and properly check a child or the children in these high risk areas. If one notices any potential symptom or indication of Lyme’s disease, like the circular rash mentioned, one should immediately seek medical attention and advice, to prevent any potential progression of the disease.

The skin diseases, or parasitic infections and conditions described above have merely served as an indication of a potential disorder that one may be experiencing. There are also numerous sources available for research and investigation; the topics covered here may describe some or all of your symptoms there are other related skin conditions and disorders which can be diagnosed and symptomatically treated.

As a final note, this guide is meant to be informative only. This guide is not designed or intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure skin parasites, Morgellons, or any other condition.