Skin Parasites

What Are Skin Parasites?

You may have found this web site by searching for information on scabies, other skin parasites or Skin Bugs in effort to try to determine exactly what you are suffering from or to get new morgellons disease info. First of all, we are not here to diagnose you and we are not professionally or medically equipped to give you ALL of the answers that you are searching for; however, we have successfully helped thousands of skin parasite sufferers within the past five years. The goal of this web site is to help you to determine what you should be treating for, to give you up-to-date information on Skin Parasites and fibers in the skin. We want to help you to get the parasite relief you are looking for.

For those of you that are tired of suffering (not living) with skin parasites and morgellons, and may have tried seemingly endless amounts of treatments and remedies, there is hope. All Stop listens to you, the customer, and is developing products to help relieve your parasite suffering, get you back to living comfortably again, and inevitably find a cure.

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Many of our clients have come to us in search of a solution after having been previously misdiagnosed with scabies or delusional parasitosis. Those clients were suffering from symptoms that were very different from those typically associated with scabies.

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Scabies OR Skin Parasites?

As a quick reference, if you are experiencing itching, biting, zigzag burrows under your skin and your rash or pimple like sores are below the neck there is a good chance you may have scabies. Follow this link for information on scabies and to begin learning about how to treat yourself and eliminate scabies mites once and for all.


If you are experiencing crawling, biting and stinging sensations from skin bugs or parasites; granules, skin fibers or black specks on or inside the skin and you are experiencing these symptoms above the neck also, there is a good chance you are experiencing a debilitating condition called Morgellons Disease. If you have these symptoms, keep reading.

Symptoms of Skin Parasites

This mysterious skin disease has been making its way across the world. It’s a parasite-like infestation that can produce a multitude of symptoms from evident skin lesions to a decline in vision. Patients say it feels like they have skin bugs crawling all over them. To make matters even worse, many doctors say the victims are delusional when they claim they have a parasite biting. Some individuals affected by this condition suffer from the majority of the symptoms that are listed below. While other do not have any evident skin lesions at all and appear perfectly unharmed. This disease produces REAL symptoms that its sufferers are plagued by. A Morgellons cure is needed; however the CDC has been slow to respond.

Common Skin Symptoms

  • Crawling sensations on the skin; these sensations can be felt on various locations on the body, above the neck, on the face, within the ear canal, in the nose, mouth, eyes and vaginal cavity.
  • Presence of skin fibers on, within or protruding from the skin. These fibers in the skin can be black, white, blue or red.
  • Presence of worm-like organisms within the skin or expelled from the bowel
  • Itching, biting and stinging
  • Pimple-like pustules or rashes.
  • Presences of black specks and/or granules that resemble salt or sand.
  • Increased attraction of insects to the individual
  • Presence of insects on the skin or within an open lesion

Other Symptoms not all sufferers have:

  • Painful lesions that may be open and include swelling, pus and redness. These lesions are generally hard to treat and hurt real bad.
  • Identifying insects or unusual structures within lesions.
  • Hard Nodules under the skin or substances that can be felt under the skin.

Skin Parasites Treatment

Common Symptoms unrelated to Skin:

  • Fatigue
  • Brain Fog, memory loss, difficulty thinking or concentrating
  • Mood Swings & Depression
  • Joint swelling
  • Fibromyalgia or pain that affects various areas of the body
  • Visual decline
  • Immunity to common illnesses decrease
  • Hair Loss
  • Sleep Disorders

About Morgellons Disease

Morgellons is the term an English researcher in the 1930’s gave to a condition or disease documented by a 15th century physician that basically mirrors symptoms that so many are reporting today. Thousands of sufferers have been documented and despite this fact, Morgellons is still a medical mystery; there is no Morgellons treatment, much less a Morgellons cure. The majority of individuals reporting symptoms of this unexplained and debilitating condition resided in the following states: California, Texas and Florida. Since that initial time, sufferers have called out widespread across the United States and distant parts of the world.

The actual cause of this condition and the organism or organisms involved is currently being investigated by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Division of Research. Recently the Center of Disease Control brought its focus to this condition. Researchers at this time are baffled and ideas of it being a fungal infection, bacteria infection or parasite infestation are currently being investigated. reports that there are 6 different types of particles ( fibers in the skin ) that have been removed from the skins surface from those suffering from Morgellons Disease. Additionally the fibers are usually pigmented and many luminance under ultraviolet light.

  • Ribbon like skin fibers
  • Rounded fibers
  • Capsule like particles
  • Black flakes/grains
  • worm like particles
  • Starfish shaped particles further reports “Current Morgellons research at a laboratory in Massachusetts shows that individuals affected by Morgellons disease have been in contact with soil and/or water containing cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), algae, aquatic fungi, water molds and lichen (algae and fungi). This assemblage of organisms, and associated bacterial populations, is common in soil and aquatic environments where cryptobiotic soils are present and/or in environments where nutrient rich conditions promote the development of algae blooms.

Dermal contact with a water source and/or inhalation of aerial dust containing cyanobacteria and algae may lead to the progressive colonization of organisms that are capable of feeding on or consuming these photosynthetic producers, thus contributing to the wide range of symptoms reported by Morgellons sufferers. Incidental growth of these opportunistic populations, such as actinomyces, aquatic fungi and true fungi, are known to promote disease in humans, as they consist of species capable of degrading either cellulose or keratin (skin/hair). Evidence for the presence of opportunistic micro-organisms in samples is indicated by the occurrence of capsule-like Morgellons particles that have been identified as parasitized pine pollen grains. Chytrid populations are obligate parasites of frogs, nematodes, algae, cyanobacteria, plants, and pine pollen.

These findings serve as a focus for further understanding the ecological significance of the organisms identified in this study and the role they may play as causative agents of Morgellons disease”. Morgellons Research Foundation, “Phase 1 Brief Summary.” 2008

Skin Fiber Samples

from All Stop™ Customer

skin sample 1
skin sample 1
skin sample 3

Cyst-Like Lesions

consisting of hard nodules under the skin

cyst example 1
cyst example 2
cyst example 3

Parasite Samples from

an All Stop™ Customer

Parasite example 1
Parasite example 2
Parasite example 3

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What is the CDC Doing?

The Centers for Disease Control along with Kaiser Permanente held a national media conference on January 16th, 2008 announcing their epidemiological investigation on the cause of this disease/illness. Kaiser Permanente was awarded $338,000.00 for the investigation of this disease because of their geographical location; however the study is being designed and led by the CDC; hopefully there will be a Morgellons treatment soon and finally one day a Morgellons cure.

The primary goals the CDC is setting forth in their investigation are:

  • To learn more about who may be affected
  • The common list of symptoms experienced
  • To generate hypotheses about factors that may contribute to it

The investigation will involve:

  • Characterizing foreign material such as fibers or threads obtained from persons with the condition
  • Determining the clinical and epidemiological features of this condition
  • Assessing the histopathology of skin biopsies from affected patients
  • Estimating rates of illness among the study population

Get the Facts Direct from the CDC

For answers to frequently asked questions about the CDC’s Unexplained Dermopathy Investigation, click here.

  • Why was Kaiser Permanents selected as the partner for the project?
  • Will the investigation allow people with morgellons symptoms to participate in the study?
  • Is there a time frame or deadline for the investigation?
  • Will there be a treatment for the participants?
  • Will the investigation include morgellonshomeopathiccure?
  • Will the CDC accept specimens?
  • Can the CDC get rid of the skin parasites?
  • What steps should I take to make a report?
  • Where do I go for new Morgellons disease info?
  • What locations, if any, will the CDC allow this project to expand to?
  • Who is the Morgellons new scientist?
  • Is the CDC answering emails or questions from people like me?
  • Has it been proven that you can combat Morgellons with oregano oil?
  • Is there a way to rid body of parasites home remedy?

Why Don’t My Doctors Believe Me?

The knowledge of Morgellons Disease is extremely new. While the condition has existed for countless years, it has not been formally studied until recently. Our medical society is trained to follow what is seen and taught within their text books and classes. While there have been numerous articles and journals printed that speak of Morgellons Disease, the treatments and diagnoses are still considered theoretical.

For this reason, many doctors have yet to be informed about the disease and those that have heard about it, just don’t know how to treat it yet. As with any emerging condition, it takes time to find the answers. However we know that this is a real condition that many suffer from. We are dedicated to providing you with knowledge and products that help you to find the relief that you are searching for.

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Suggested ways All Stop Customers report
they treat their Skin and their Environment

  • Herbal Parasite Cleanse: Going forward one might consider a parasite cleanse once every 6 months; see your doctor for more information.
  • Clothing: Customers claim to experience more activity from bugs on skin when wearing natural fiber clothing such as cotton. Therefore wearing fabrics such as polyester or any other synthetic blend would result in less activity. A disinfectant spray can be used to disinfect clothing at a dilution of 2 oz per load of laundry. It is important that you never wear the same clothes twice without washing.
  • Drinking Water: Drink purified or distilled water instead of spring, bottled or well water.
  • Soap: Use sulfur based soap with lanolin or shea butter when showering or bathing. Sulfur soap will harbor anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-itch and high level of repairing properties. It will help to treat the skin and soothe irritation.
  • Diet: A diet high protein and fiber also known as a Candida Diet is recommended primarily to reduce the individual intake of sugars. Parasitic organisms flourish in a high or bacteria into your body and the high fiber diet is primarily to work with the parasite cleansing process. See your doctor for more information.
  • DE (diatomaceous earth): Made from food grade Amorphous Silica, it is great when used externally. It is commonly used within the home as well as outside.

Suggestions On How To Treat Your Environment

  • Mattress: All mattresses and box springs should be covered in a recommended, well-sealed disposable Mattress Cover. This is extremely important because some external parasites are capable of leaving the individual to seek shelter within the environment. A plastic mattress cover will act as a barrier to prevent any type of human skin parasite from entering the mattress. Disinfecting is very important. We suggest wiping the plastic liner with Disinfectant Spray (recommended by DermaTechRx) every night before you put mite free sheets on the bed.
  • Bedding: This includes sheets, pillow cases, blankets, and comforters. It is necessary to use products that are strong enough to eliminate all traces of human skin parasites in your laundry. Excess bedding should be stored until the problem has been resolved to avoid excessive cleaning labors.
  • Laundry: This includes items such towels and clothing as well as any item that is in contact with your skin such as belts, hats, scarves and coats. All articles of clothing that are capable of being washed should be washed with using a powerful concentrated formula, heated in the dryer and then stored in a vacuum sealed plastic bag. Items such as belts, hats, scarves, coats or any item that is worn or carried by you should be placed in the dryer on high for 20 minutes. You could also clean with a disinfectant spray.
  • Laundry Room: Dirty laundry located in a humid laundry room can be a source of moisture that creates a perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to grow. Fungus and bacteria actually act as a food source for some parasites. Allowing laundry to pile up will attract and support parasites. Do not allow laundry to pile up. It is also important to know that dry cleaning does not eliminate parasites. You may consider sprinkling DE in your dirty laundry.
  • Washer & Dryer: You should make a point to disinfect these items with daily use. You can easily get re-infested from your washer and dryer. The lint trap is critical. Some customers report throwing a handful of DE in the dryer to assure there are no parasites remaining in the laundry.
  • Shoes: It is recommended that you also treat your shoes, especially if you are experiencing activity on your lower legs. We suggest the application of a Disinfectant Spray followed by sprinkling DE in your shoes. This can help to rid any parasitic insects or bacteria and fungus that might be residing in your shoe linings. Perfect for keeping your shoes dry and keeping the parasites out of them and off of you! We highly recommend that you never walk barefoot. Wear sandals or flip flops at a minimum.
  • Area or Throw rugs: It is important to consider anything within the home that is not necessary, such as an area or throw rug, treated and stored away. Apply DE to them and remove them from your common living areas.
  • Carpets: If it is possible to remove carpeting within your home, that would be the best choice suggested. If this is not possible, using a Professional Steam Cleaner to steam the carpets will apply heat deep down to the base of the carpet. It is important to remember to remove all excess moisture from the carpet because insects such as under skin parasites are attracted to moist environments. Follow this by sprinkling your carpets with DE, especially around the base boards and rub into the carpet. The DE can lie in the carpet where parasites may reside instead of just on the surface of the carpet.
  • Tile or Linoleum Flooring: Hard surface floors need to be cleaned on a daily basis; we suggest a hospital grade disinfectant, or our concentrated carpet mold and disinfectant treatment.
  • Wood Flooring: Wood flooring can be damp mopped with a disinfectant solution. It is important that any articles or materials used are cleaned and dried immediately; or if paper towels were used, they should be disposed of immediately.
  • Cloth Furniture: If removal of this type of furniture is possible, that would be the best choice suggested. If this is not possible, using a Professional Steam Cleaner to steam the furniture, will apply heat deep down to the base of the furniture. Again it is important to remember to remove any excess moisture from the articles that were steamed cleaned. You may follow this by sprinkling DE and rubbing it into the furniture.
  • Computer Area: For reasons unknown, customers have reported increase levels of activity when around their computer, TV as well as other magnetic electrical appliances. You will want to treat your computer chair following the above directions for furniture. You also need to wipe down any wrist pads, mouse, etc. with disinfectant. Make sure you treat any floor pads that you may have under your computer desk as well. We suggest a Disinfectant Spray.
  • House Plants: Plants that reside within the home should be removed and placed outside due to the fact it appears this disease is fed by fungus in the soil. You can apply DE to house plants as it is a natural pesticide that can be safely used on plants.
  • Pet Areas: it is important to also clean and disinfect any areas that your pet may inhabit. Customers also have reported their pets being afflicted with this condition as well. Rubbing DE in your pet’s fur is a very effective solution. DE has been proven to be effective to kill skin parasites such as fleas if this is a problem for your pet as well.
  • Car: We recommend using a Steam Cleaner, steam the carpets and car seats in your vehicle. If your vehicle has leather seats, spray the seams and folds daily with a Disinfectant Spray. Make sure that any excess moisture is removed. Sprinkle DE any place you can in your home and outside your home, lawn and car.
  • Office: If you work in an office, you will need to treat your office chair and floor also.
  • Garage: Clean up clutter and wash down with a disinfectant. Sprinkle DE where applicable.
  • Miscellaneous: Get rid of any old stacks of newspapers, magazines, books, and cardboard boxes. These are made of organic matter that breed bacteria and fungus. For reasons unknown, customers have stated that when burning incense they have sensed a decrease in activity. It has also been found that springtails and other skin parasites are not comfortable in dry, warm temperatures such as 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This has proven to create an inhospitable environment for them to dwell in. If you plan to leave your home for duration of time, you should consider raising your heater to 85 degrees and sprinkle DE on various surfaces within the home.

Delusional Parasitosis

Quite often individuals suffering from this debilitating condition are misdiagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis. Delusional Parasitosis is a medical diagnosis which means that while you believe that you are infested with parasites, but there is no actual, physical condition to explain it – basically, it’s all in your head. We believe that it’s a convenient diagnosis that doctors are giving because they do not know how to treat patients who claim they have a parasite biting.

Scientific studies and new research that we have found suggest that many people who are branded with Delusional Parasitosis are actually suffering from a physical illness, not a mental disorder. In June of 2006, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially announced that they were launching a study of Morgellons Disease; it wasn’t until January 16th, 2008 that the study with Kaiser Permanente was announced. Kaiser Permanente was awarded $338,000.00 for the investigation of this disease.

While a definitive conclusions have still not been announced, the amount of information available on the subject has greatly increased over the past few years. While we can not give you definite answers at this time, we can help to arm you with some up-to-date and useful information and facts about Morgellons Disease treatment, skin fibers, under skin parasites or on Morgellons Hair Parasites.