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pam-per-ven-shun – (n) To engage in the act of pampering oneself while also preventing illness and discomfort. To pamper and to prevent.

Pamper Yourself and Prevent Harmful Microorganisms from Attacking Your Body

Pampervention — Pampering techniques of the future, today

Do you suffer with dry skin or just feel like treating your skin to some serious pampering? This Holiday Season why not treat yourself to quality products that provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience while providing you with the highest quality of skin care and disease prevention currently available on the market today. Pamper yourself while preventing harmful microorganisms from entering your environment or even worse your body. Q-based Healthcare’s full line of skin care products are non-toxic when used as directed.

Our unique formulations are effective on even the most sensitive skin types and are guaranteed to restore you skin to its healthiest form. Q-Based Healthcare’s products will soothe your skin while repairing any damage from eczema, psoriasis, irritation and much more. There is no reason to let your skin go on suffering when relief is just a click away.

Woman Applying Product to her FacePerfect for a gift or just to treat yourself to the highest quality skin restoration and repairing products available on the market today. For the ultimate skin care experience try our DermaTechRx products and know for yourself what it is to really treat and restore your skin to its healthiest state yet.

Instead of giving spa products this year to that special someone that simply smell good, why not go a step further and give a gift that goes above and beyond other skin care products. Our products not only relax and ease your mind and senses but also prevent harmful microorganisms from attacking your body. Practice Pampervention this Holiday Season and try our repairing and preventative line of high quality spa products.