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Permethrin Head Lice Treatment

Head Lice Infestation Permethrin Head Lice Treatment A head lice infestation presents a very real problem – how to treat it. This problem raises debate across the world as those who favor natural products go head to head with those who choose to use prescribed or over the counter insecticide lotions and shampoos, and there…

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Bed Bug Treatment of Signs & Symptoms

Bed Bug Treatment of Signs & Symptoms Signs and symptoms of Bed bug bites will usually affect only the skin surface.  Bed bugs inject an anticoagulant to keep your blood flowing as they suck, along with a numbing agent to keep you from feeling them while they are feeding off of their victim. The bites…

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Permethrin head lice

About Permethrin head lice treatments There is much debate in the medical profession as to the best method to deal with the head lice problem; many people adhere to the belief that the best way is to use insecticide based lotions and shampoos – and there are many on the market – while others insist…

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