Ringworms Nail Polish

RingwormsNail Polish for the Treatment of Ringworms

There is a new home treatment for ringworm, nail polish.   Believers suggest painting the infected area of the ringworms with clear nail polish and letting it dry.  Clear nail polish is the color of choice since colored ones will take longer to dry. The dried layer of nail polish is supposed to smother the fungus (ringworms) and cause the ringworms to die. Use a black light is recommended to locate and identify the fungus so the nail polish can be applied to the exact areas of infection.

What are Ringworms?

Ringworms is a contagious, fungal infection of the skin. Ringworms are characterized mostly by scaly red rings which appear on the skin. Breakouts can occur anywhere on the body and the ringworms infection can range from minor all the way to a major where a goodly portion of the body is affected.  Ringworms are not necessarily a serious condition but it can be frustrating to stop the spreading and to get rid of the infection. Over-the-counter creams, drugs and doctor visits do not always work for everyone, so more and more people are opting for home remedies for ringworms such as nail polish.

Ringworms Nail Polish

Use caution when choosing this route. There are some people that may be allergic to the contents in nail polish so this method should be used with care.  For people with delicate skin, this ringworms home treatment may not be their best solution option. Another thought to consider is the fumes for the polish itself. The majority of commercial nail polish still contains toxic elements such as toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.   These elements can affect the nervous system.  They can also cause liver damage, kidney damage and cancer.

Some steps to follow if using nail polish for ringworms treatment is apply clear nail polish to the ring worms site. Be sure to completely cover each fungal site with a layer of the polish. This suffocates the fungi.  Leave it on all day.  Remove the polish after eight hours with nail polish remover. The recommended way to do this is to soak a paper towel or napkin in the remover and hold it over the infected area for a few minutes. Dispose of the paper towel after use to keep from the spreading the ringworms infection.  Let the area dry out thoroughly for about fifteen minutes.  Reapply the clear nail polish to the infected site. Repeat these steps until the ringworms disappears. Colored nail polish should be avoided as it stains clothes. Remember, be consistent with whatever home remedy you choose for best results. Treat ringworms now!
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