What Are The Causes Of Thinning hair?

Yul Brynner was the sexiest bald man in Hollywood, and yes, he always got away with it.  Lesser mortals would cringe at the thought of going bald but not Brynner.  But what causes hair loss?  There are numerous causes and there are fortunately the right cures for different cases of hair loss.

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Young and Going Bald?

Baldness is connected to old age and only old women and men have the license suffer hair loss.  Since hair is one’s crowning glory, the prospect of going bald when you hit 40 or 50 is truly scary.  If you notice more than normal volume of hair shedding, and there aren’t any new hair growths to replace the shed hair, it is all natural to be alarmed.  If the case is genetic, not much can be done about it but to turn to hair loss transplants and wearing toupees or wigs.  Before alarming yourself needlessly, know the reason for your excessive balding.

Sudden Hair fall Brought on by Trauma

In case you are shedding hair faster than the dog, you could be experiencing sudden hormonal imbalances.  This could be due to the shock caused by trauma.  Trauma induced hair loss could be a result to physical body damage due to violence or accidents.  This may also be triggered by witnessing death, divorce or a breakdown in relationship, abuse, and death of a close relative.  A person, who is traumatized by any of these experiences, may suddenly go bald.  It is not the trauma itself, but the effect of the trauma on the hormones.  A hormonal imbalance triggers the sudden hair thinning.

Alopecia Areata

Women are more prone to get alopecia areata.  The problem is caused when cells of the hair follicles are attacked by white blood cells.  The hair roots become small, diminishing hair production.  Luckily, the stem cells that offer new cells to the follicles may not be affected.  The hair follicle heals and hair grows back.  This could also be caused by genetics, a virus, and contaminants within the environment.  Individuals with impaired immune systems are also likely to get this kind of hair loss.  Also, a diabetic or a patient having a thyroid problem, or pernicious anemia can certainly have alopecia areata.


Some ingredients in medications can induce balding and the onset might be gradual or sudden.  Antidepressants, arthritic medicines, and gout medications eventually cause extreme hair loss.  If you can determine that your medication caused unexplained hair loss, you have to consult your doctor and have your medication changed.  Drug interactions also stimulate hair shedding such as contraceptives taken with Vitamin C.  Again, you need to consult your doctor about the problem so he can provide another prescription without the offending ingredient or determine medical symptoms that are causing hair loss.  If your current medication is the reason for your hair loss, once you stop taking it, your hair will grow back again.

Your doctor will diagnose the cause of your hair loss or hair loss.  If the cause of baldness is determined, the correct treatment is applied.  Stop worrying about your hair loss because stress can worsen the condition. 

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