Head Lice Scalp Treatment

Head Lice Scalp Treatment

head liceIrritation of the scalp is a common indication of the presence of head lice, but it is not the only one. The irritation comes from an allergic reaction to the head lice creatures biting into our scalp and injecting a fluid that prevents the blood from clotting; as not everyone has this same allergic reaction it is not a definitive signifier of the presence of lice, although it is one of the most common.

Head Lice Laying Eggs

As the head lice lay eggs close to the scalp it makes it the place to look for the creatures, and all instructions of how to get rid of head lice will instruct you to carry out regular inspections of the scalp for crawling lice and for nits, tiny white eggs, at the base of the hairs very close to the scalp.
Head lice scalp treatment ranges from the logical to the seemingly absurd, but the main routines involve thoroughly washing the hair and scalp using one of the many special head lice shampoos that populate the market these days. There are two main types of these – the medicinal and the natural – and it is worth considering the benefits of both, and the downsides, too for head lice.
In favor of the medicinal for head lice, prescription insecticide shampoos and lotions is the fact that they are scientifically tested and proven; they do, however, contain chemicals which are known to have possible side effects that cause irritation to the scalp, and in some cases an increase in dandruff, and many people are put off using them by this. Some lotions with smaller dosed of the insecticide are available over the counter, yet the effectiveness of these is disputed in many quarters.
Kinder to the scalp with head lice are the shampoos and lotions that come with natural addictives, particularly the widely used Tea Tree oil versions; this essential oil comes from an Australian plant that has been used for many hundreds of years by the Aborigines for a variety of medicinal routines, and many people swear by its effectiveness. Although harmless, it is not a certified method of deterrent or cure, and as such must be taken at face value by those who use it.
Examining the scalp for head lice is very important in preventing and treating the head lice problem, and a head lice comb is very useful in this respect, too; keep up with regular inspections, particularly if a case is known in the vicinity, and make sure you catch any outbreaks very quickly. Treat head lice immediately.

Head Lice Treatment

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