Head Lice Pictures

Head Lice Pictures – Essential and Amazing

The identification of head lice has been enhanced in terms of ease of late by the ability to take photographs of these miniature creatures using advanced photographic technology. Using a microscope attachment enables the photographer to get a much magnified picture of the louse, one that shows incredible detail and makes recognizing lice much easier.

Pick up any antiquated scientific journal or book covering the subject, however, and you will still see head lice pictures, often very intricate and highly detailed colored plates that are, in fact, quite beautiful and clearly have taken much time to create. How these were done is a question often asked.

Head LiceA talented artist would be needed to create such images, and he or she would be using a microscope or magnifying glass to look at the creature; consider how much time and effort was needed to create such an image back then – a hundred years ago or more – and how easy it is to take a photograph and manipulate it to our requirements using affordable everyday computer systems, and the difference in dedication becomes clear.

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Furthermore, modern printing techniques have enabled the production of high resolution images, with detail far beyond that that could have been imagined by our artist of old.

Technology has clearly played a great part in allowing us to produce images that show such intricacies as the head lice life cycle, and in terms of diagnosis such material is essential to us now; head lice prevention can be very much aided by understanding what the creatures look like and how the evolve, hence a series of photographs showing the evolution of the head lice, from nit to adult, can be of great interest to a sufferer or one who suspects an outbreak.

Advances in technology in the photographic world have opened our eyes to a mass of miniature things and creatures that were previously unseen; consider that an adult head louse is no bigger than a pin head, and you see the immediate benefit of being able to photograph such creatures and enlarge the image, without loss of detail, on a computer. Furthermore, advances in video technology have allowed us to film lice on the move, something that has taught us a great deal about how they spread.

Having lice pictures available is something that the medical profession has found very useful indeed, and while we can only marvel at the wonderful pictures drawn by scholars of old, we must not forget the skill involved in photographing tiny creatures.

Head Lice Treatment

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