Lighten Stretch Marks with these Home Remedies

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are scars that form underneath the surface of the skin that look like thin lines that run parallel along each other. Fresh marks would usually be colored red or violet and as time passes, these will eventually turn a shade of brown that is different from your normal skin tone. These annoying scars form when the skin is stretched beyond its normal capability which causes the underlying layer to break. When this happens, blood vessels in this layer are torn thus releasing blood which gives the red-violet appearance on the surface of the skin. These wounds will eventually heal but a scar will be left behind and this is what we commonly call as stretch marks.Stretch Marks

Scars form on the skin because the tearing caused by the extreme stretching is not uniform. Surgical incisions done are clean cut wounds thus the body is able to heal them more easily without having to form a scar. Torn skin on the other hand, is much more complicated to heal thus it forms scars that can be seen on the surface of the skin. There are different ways as to how to get rid of scars that are starting to form on the skin. Some people would try massaging the affected area when they feel that a scar is about to form. They believe that massaging will help break down scar tissue so that the body is able to better repair the wound and less scars will form.

Managing Stretch Marks

Aside form massaging the affected areas, some people will use creams such as cocoa butter to help moisturize the skin and lighten the appearance of the marks. The use of scar removal creams may also help in lightening the appearance of scars. Other people also rely on vitamin supplements such as Vitamins A, C and E as these all have some beneficial effects to the skin. They may have antioxidant effects as well as skin regenerating factors which are important in the production of better looking skin. These vitamins may be applied topically or taken in a food supplements to help give the skin the nutrients that it needs. If you are not sold on using these procedures to get rid of stretch marks, there are still other more effective ways that you can try.

Treatments for Stretch Marks

One is by microdermabrasion which removes the outermost layer of the skin along with any scars. Laser treatment is also another option as it burns away any scars that may be present on the skin. These two procedures are very effective but also very expensive compared to the previous methods mentioned above. Stretch marks are really very annoying to see especially of they formed on areas of your body that can be easily seen. There is really very little you can do on your own to remove these marks permanently. You can only lighten their appearance and wish that they become almost invisible. The best way to totally eliminate them is by undergoing expensive treatments like the ones mentioned above.Lighten Stretch Marks with these Home Remedies.