Morgellons Research Project

Skin Parasites and Morgellons

For those of you that are tired of suffering (not living) with skin parasites and morgellons, and may have tried seemingly endless amounts of treatments and remedies, there is hope. All Stop listens to you, the customer, and is developing products to help relieve your suffering, get you back to living comfortably again, and inevitably find a cure.

What is morgellons?morgellons

Morgellons is the term an English researcher in the 1930’s gave to a condition or disease documented by a 15th century physician that basically mirrors symptoms that so many are reporting today.  Thousands of sufferers have been documented and despite this fact, Morgellons is still a medical mystery; there is no Morgellons treatment, much less a Morgellons cure. The majority of individuals reporting symptoms of this unexplained and debilitating condition resided in the following states:  California, Texas and Florida.  Since that initial time, sufferers have called out widespread across the United States and distant parts of the world.

Morgellons Research Project

Morgellons Research Project: We want to hear from you! Morgellons Syndrome is an ever-evolving medical mystery. Most doctors don't even recognize it as a physical ailment. To aid the Morgellons Community in this battle we have launched a new Product Research Program. Any purchase including the following pack will be sent a special research feedback survey to help our team determine future improvements in ourproduct formulations, By maintaining constant feedback from our customers, we are able to deliver the best products available. The launch of our Apple Cider Vinegar Mud Pack and Citrus Exfoliator is just the beginning. Let your voice be heard and help us get closer to a cure.Purchase the Skin Parasite Rejuvenating Kit to begin giving us your valuable feedback.

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