Tinea Versicolor Diagnosis

What is Tinea Versicolor? A doctor’s evaluation is the best way to confirm a tinea versicolor infection. It is a relatively common condition.  Two to eight percent of the United States population has tinea versicolor disease.  This skin disease frequently affects adolescents and young adults, especially in warm humid climates.  It is thought that the yeast feeds…

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Griseofulvin Tinea Capitis

Griseofulvin Tinea Capitis Tinea capitis, or ringworm of the scalp, is the most common dermatophyte infection among children.  This is a problem worldwide but approximately 3 to 8 percent of American children are affected, and up to one third of in-house contacts are asymptomatic carriers, meaning they show no outward signs of the infection. Tinea…

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Tinea Capitis Diagnosis

Tinea Capitis Diagnosis A fungal infection of the scalp by mold-like fungi is called tinea capitis. Tinea capitis is also called ringworm of the scalp.  Tinea Capitis  is a skin disorder that affects children almost exclusively.  Fungal organisms known as dermatophytes cause scalp ringworm or Tinea Capitis  by superficially infecting certain kinds of tissue found in…

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