Baby Hives

All About Baby Hives Baby Hives, also known as urticaria or welts, are swollen areas on the skin. They can show up in different shapes and sizes, but are generally well defined, with a pale, central, raised area surrounded by a red border. Baby hives usually itch. Baby Hives can come and go over a…

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Baby Rashes

Baby Rashes Certain medications, viral illnesses and allergic reactions can cause an Baby Rashes in babies. Many other conditions common in infants, such as eczema, baby rashes, erythema toxicum, and heat rash, can resemble baby acne.  Baby rashes develops during the weeks after birth. This is thought to be most likely due to hormones that…

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Heat Rash

Heat Rash Skin Condition Heat rash is also called miliaria. Heat rash is most common in babies and young infants when they become overheated.  This happens either because it is too warm outside or they are simply overdressed.  It could also be because they have a fever.  Miliaria profunda occurs in people who have experienced…

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