Baby Heat Rash

Baby Heat Rash As suggested by the name, baby heat rash is triggered in some babies when they become overheated, either because they are overdressed or because it is just too hot outside. As they become hot and sweat, their sweat ducts become blocked and rupture. Prickly heat, which is also known as miliaria rubra,…

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Toddler Rashes

Toddler Rashes Toddler rashes can be symptoms of many different ailments. It is hard to determine exactly what it may be unless a visit to the pediatrician is planned.  By doing a little research you may be able to get a general idea of what potentially could be causing the rash. Diaper rash, Fifth disease…

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Infant Eczema

Infant Eczema Some of the common childhood diseases and conditions that can cause skin rashes on your baby as well as older children include eczema, poison ivy, and infections like chickenpox.  Many other conditions common in infants, such as baby acne, erythema toxicum, and heat rash, can resemble Infant eczema. The most common cause of…

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