Head Lice

Head Lice Home Remedies

Head Lice Home Remedies – Do They Really Work? Head lice infestations are an all too common occurrence, particularly in the case of children for the easiest way to transfer lice between individuals is by actual contact. The conventional medicinal treatments for head lice are chemically manufactured, and it is no surprise that many people…

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Head Louse

About the Head Louse The proliferation of head lice infestations, particularly spreading among young children in schools, shows no signs of abating, and a great part of that is down to the way these irritating creatures live their lives. Put simply, head lice live on our scalp and feed off our blood – it is…

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Vinegar for Head Lice

Using Vinegar for Head Lice Treatment The treatment of head lice, and the remedies that are often suggested, is a hotly contested area: on the one hand we have the readily available medicinal shampoos, complete with insecticides that are designed to kill the head lice at source, and on the other we have a wealth…

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