Head Lice

Head Lice Scalp Treatment

Head Lice Scalp Treatment Irritation of the scalp is a common indication of the presence of head lice, but it is not the only one. The irritation comes from an allergic reaction to the head lice creatures biting into our scalp and injecting a fluid that prevents the blood from clotting; as not everyone has this…

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Head Lice Pictures

Head Lice Pictures – Essential and Amazing The identification of head lice has been enhanced in terms of ease of late by the ability to take photographs of these miniature creatures using advanced photographic technology. Using a microscope attachment enables the photographer to get a much magnified picture of the louse, one that shows incredible…

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Head Lice Nits Treatment

Head Lice Nits Treatment – What You Should Know One of the most difficult parts of treating a head lice infestation is getting rid of the nits – the tiny eggs of the adult louse – as the cleverest part of the head louse life is how, and where, these absolutely microscopic eggs are laid.…

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