Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment of Signs & Symptoms

Bed Bug Treatment of Signs & Symptoms Signs and symptoms of Bed bug bites will usually affect only the skin surface.  Bed bugs inject an anticoagulant to keep your blood flowing as they suck, along with a numbing agent to keep you from feeling them while they are feeding off of their victim. The bites…

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Fleas on Dogs

Fleas on Dogs We love to keep pets – the companionship and the enjoyment we get from caring for a cat or dog is something that cannot be found elsewhere – yet fleas on dogs are an almost ubiquitous problem, just as the tiny parasites affect cats to such a great degree, too. Fleas are…

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Getting rid of bed bugs

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Bed bugs represent one of the commonest problems in terms of insect infestation across the world today, and are found almost ubiquitously across the world; these tiny creatures live in our bedding as it provides the ideal environment for them to survive, and bed bugs come out nightly to feed…

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