Athlete’s Foot

Ringworm Athlete’s Foot Toenails

Ringworm Athlete’s Foot Toenails Ringworm is a widespread fungal infection. The dermatophyte fungus that causes ringworm of the foot and ringworm of the nails live on human skin. Ringworm of the foot is also called athlete’s foot. It appears as a scaling or cracking of the skin, especially between the toes.  Ringworm of the nails…

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Ringworm Athletes Foot

Ringworm Athletes Foot Tinea is the fungus that causes ringworm, athletes foot and jock itch. Even though, they can be extremely uncomfortable athletes foot infections are usually not serious.    Ringworm athletses foot infection is a red skin rash that forms a ring around normal-looking skin.  Touching an infected person, damp surfaces such as shower floors,…

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Ringworm Athletes Foot Rash

Ringworm Athlete’s Foot Rash Information There are various signs and symptoms of ringworm athlete’s foot rash and will, in most cases, not be apparent at the same time.  Some symptoms that may indicate you have contracted an affliction of ringworm, athlete’s foot rash are itching, stinging and burning between your toes, itching, stinging and burning…

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