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DermaTechRx is the research and development division of Q-Based Solutions Inc.,™ which is a team of dedicated professionals and research scientists who are committed to providing people with quality skin care products. The aim of DermaTechRx is to support skin ailment sufferers with useful, FREE KNOWLEDGE and SOLUTIONS in their struggle against dermatological-related afflictions.

For many years, the research team at Q-Based Healthcare and Q-Based Solutions, Inc. have lead the field in developing new and innovative solutions to many troubling skin ailments. Now, this research is being shared with the public on this website. Please check out the sections dealing with the various ailments we have researched and take advantage of our free articles, eGuides, interactive Flash training tools, and our video library. The DermaTechRx Research Center is here for you. Always free and always provided by Q-Based Solutions, Inc. makers of the All Stop™ family of products.