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Most of our research for skin rashes, skin diseases including psoriasis, takes place at our DermaTechRx  Research Center.  DermaTechRx Research is one of the largest online bodies of knowledge and advanced research center in the country, and one of the most important in the world.   The DermaTechRx Research Center is where new products and methods are developed, introduced, shared and reviewed for effectiveness.

Ingredients, substances and formulas are tested and examined to ensure that they do not pose a threat to your health and are compatible with your  skin and that of your pets.  This is done without animal testing: For more than 6 years, the DermaTechRx Research Center has been one of the world’s leading and most respected research-driven enterprises.

DermaTechRx Research Center is a dedicated Test Center where the effectiveness and tolerance of new products are tested by many people and institutions. The center has been testing and  measuring even the minutest changes in the skin and so demonstrate and document the effectiveness of anti-aging products.

The aim of DermaTechRx is to support people with skin ailments  such as psoriasis, skin rashes, skin diseases, parasites, and other listed topics with useful, FREE KNOWLEDGE and SOLUTIONS in their struggle against dermatological-related afflictions and pain.

This research is being shared with the public on this website. Please check out the sections dealing with the various ailments and conditions we have researched and take advantage of our free articles, eGuides, interactive Flash training tools, and our video library. The DermaTechRx Research Center is here for you.  Always free for your good health, relief and well being.  It is our sincere hope that you will benefit from the information we present

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