Skin Tags

What causes “skin tags,” and does anyone have any ideas to get rid of/avoid them?

Skin TagsWhat causes skin tags?

Question by valisme: What causes “skin tags,” and does anyone have any ideas to get rid of/avoid them?
Those pesky little “tags” you get on your neck, other areas… They don’t hurt, or seem to cause any major problems, but look bad and seem to multiply…Best answer:Answer by kt

What are Skin tags?

Skin tags are a part of the process of aging usually, throw in some genetics, they are for the most part harmless. a good dermatologist can can spray them with a solution something like dry ice and they will be gone. the worst problem I’ve seen with them is getting caught on clothes or such and getting ripped off.

Are Skin Tags Harmful?

Skin tags are unsightly, but seldom harmful. Many people think a visit to a dermatologist is necessary to remove these benign lesions, but small ones can be removed at home.
Removing Skin Tags :

  • Use the alcohol to sterilize the scissors. Allow them to air dry and keep them clean.

  • Removing skin tags is not painful, but it can cause a small sting. If you are worried about feeling the removal, hold ice against the skin tag for a few moments to numb the skin.

  • Pull the skin tags away from the skin and examine the stalk that holds the tag. If it very thick, do not attempt to remove the tag yourself. If the stalk is thin, use the scissors to quickly snip the stalk at its thinnest part.

  • If your skin bleeds after removing the skin tags, apply pressure with clean gauze.

  • Treat the area with antibiotic ointment. Bandages are not necessary.

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